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Towing Service Do you need roadside assistance? Call us today if you need a tow truck to transport your car to our auto service shop. You can also schedule a time to have us pick it up.   Call today to have your vehicle towed! (618) 462-2270
Tires and Wheels Tires need enough tread in order to give the driver traction on the roads, especially in inclement weather. If your tires are worn or not properly inflated, your vehicle could be harder to control. Improve the longevity of your tires by having them rotated and inspected frequently. Schedule an inspection when: Vehicle drifts from side to side Titled steering wheel while driving straight Abnormally worn tires Tire consistently losing air   Most common repairs are: Wheel alignment Tire replacement Tire hole plug Tire rotation   Call today to schedule your repair! (618) 462-2270
Steering and Suspension Over time, potholes and poorly surfaced roads can ruin your car’s ability to steer and absorb shock for a smooth ride. If your car is difficult to steer, can’t handle bumps without excessive bouncing, and/or can’t absorb shocks properly, then it may be time to have it repaired. Schedule an inspection when: Vehicle is difficult to steer when turning corners Vehicle no longer has a smooth ride when the road is bumpy Vehicle bounces excessively when going over bumps   Most common repairs are: Wheel alignment Shock and strut repair Front and/or rear suspension repair Power steering repair   Call today to schedule your repair! (618) 462-2270
Scheduled Maintenance Scheduled maintenance doesn’t just include changing your oil and filter every 5,000 miles. Below is a list of common scheduled maintenance services. Please refer to your owner’s manual for suggested mileage or consult with one of our technicians. Types of scheduled maintenance: Air filter replacement Automatic transmission fluid change Automatic transmission filter replacement Cabin air filter replacement Cooling system change Manual transmission fluid change Oil and filter change Throttle body service Tire rotation Transfer case fluid replacement   Call today to schedule your vehicle's maintenance! (618) 462-2270
Radiators and Engine Cooling Your car’s radiator and cooling system keep your engine’s parts from overheating. If they do overheat, it can cause major issues. Have your car cooling system inspected immediately if you notice signs of overheating. Schedule an inspection when: The temperature on the dashboard reads high or in red Temperature dashboard light is on Smoke is coming from the hood   Most common repairs are: Radiator flush Radiator replacement Cooling system repair   Call today to schedule your repair! (618) 462-2270
Lights, Wipers, and Accessories Properly working head and tail lights help you see other drivers and other drivers see you. Don’t risk driving when one of these go out. Wiper blades are important for keeping your visibility clear in inclement weather. Have your blades replaced immediately when they aren’t doing their job. Schedule an inspection when: Turn signal is blinking faster than normal Head, tail or parking lights are out Interior lamps are out Wiper blades no longer remove water or make noises   Most common repairs are: Bulb replacement Fuse replacement Wiper blade replacement Headlight alignment   Call today to schedule your repair! (618) 462-2270
Exhaust and Mufflers Properly working mufflers and exhaust systems not only keep your car quiet, they help reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Schedule an inspection when: You hear a vibration Catalytic converter is failing Increase in exhaust volume Failed emissions tests   Most common repairs are: Muffler replacement Exhaust system repair or replacement   Call today to schedule your repair! (618) 462-2270
Brakes Brakes have one on the most important jobs on a vehicle – stopping it. Don’t wait until it’s too late to have your brakes inspected and repaired. Schedule an inspection when: Brake pedal seems spongy or presses farther to the floor than usual Vehicle pulls to the left or right when you brake Brakes grind or squeal during braking Vibrations occurs during braking The distance to stop your vehicle increases Brake dashboard light is on (typically ABS)   Most common repairs are: Brake pad replacement Line replacement Master cylinders Bleeding and fluid replacement Brake system repair   Call today to schedule your repair! (618) 462-2270
Batteries, Charging, and Starting If your car fails to start, a dead or failing battery may be your first thought. However, the reason could actually be the starter, alternator, or spark plugs. Our expert technicians can help pinpoint the reason to get your vehicle back on the road. Schedule an inspection when: Engine will not start Battery requires frequent recharging Battery cable ends appear loose, worn, or corroded Battery dashboard light is on   Most common repairs are: Battery replacement Battery cable end replacement Alternator replacement Spark plug replacement Starter repair   Call today to schedule your repair! (618) 462-2270
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